9 Important Blogging Tips For College Students

Few years back, no one would have imagined that blogging will become a major way for anyone to make money. In last 2 years, we have witnessed an incredible increase in the number of bloggers. Specially school and college students are the majority of adopters. . There are many college students (most of them from engineering college) who spend day and night to fulfil their blogging dreams. Unfortunately, most students are missing their classes ,and spending their precious time in researching and writing articles. This habit ultimately effects their (32 comments)

3 Powerful Facebook Tools You Need For Blogging

Facebook is the astonishing social media platform for bloggers. It is one of the most effective source of traffic for bloggers. After Google, it is considered as the most busy website of the World. Facebook has many application which add more value in internet experience. Most of the people use it for fun, but bloggers use it for generating traffic for their blog. Developers are working hard to make awesome applications for average internet users. Here I am discussing those application which are used by bloggers to market their post effectively. 3 (11 comments)

8 Important Advice For Professional Bloggers

Being a professional blogger have it's own perks, and one of the biggest one is you are your own boss. That means, no 9-6 office, you work whenever you want and however you want. Everything is magical about blogging, but at the same time it comes with few problems. Especially when you are blogging alone for long, you crave for social-interaction. So it's important for you to go out, and meet people. You can do that by: Working from cafe Attending blogging events Attending Workshop or networking events The point is, don't let freedom of (6 comments)

Things to Consider Before Buying Web Hosting

If you are launching a business website, then importance of the selection of an appropriate and reliable web hosting service provider increases a lot. I am sure that, if you are launching a business website, then you would surely don’t want to leave any room for errors or mistakes at all. So, to help you out, in this piece of writing, I would be discussing some important areas of consideration which you must not overlook while selecting a web host. First of all, before selecting a web host, you should be completely aware about your goals that you have (5 comments)

Want More Traffic? Write Compelling Content + Inographic

Your content is the most important part of your online business.  The content that you write represents who you are as a person or a business.  So, what's the secret to getting people back on your site over and over?  Isn't it obvious?  Spend more time writing compelling content and you will see a boost in traffic. Now many of yo must be wondering, how a normal blog post is different than a compelling  blog post? Below, I have outlined some of the major factors which helps in building a compelling blog post, and an info graphic which will ensure that (16 comments)