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January 2010

Can We use WordPress Word in our Domain Names?

When I was planning to start a new domain on WordPress the first few names which came into my mind was with keyword Wordpress. I was about to buy the domain name but luckily while talking to one of my blogger friend, told me about the issues with using Wordpress in top-level domain name . [...]

Experience of An Accountant As A Blogger

This is a story of my life as a blogger for me, I tried many ways to make money online and couldn't succeed and still trying. Here you can read about all the advertisement network I used, some of them worked and some didn't worked for me. Let me first introduce you about Tally. Tally [...]

5 Killer Tips to Select a Blog Theme

One of the basic building block of a Blog is it's theme. Theme represent your work and how professionally you are blogging. Most of new blogs, don't pay much attention to theme and use tons of widgets, use a theme which can accomodate more ads or keep changing their Blog theme at regular interval. This [...]

Aggregator WordPress Theme : Create News Aggregation Site

News aggregator sites are becoming very popular these days and for an individual blogger who have profile on lots of social media websites like Flickr, youtube, or have multiple blogs or like to write particular blogs, WP Drudge Aggregator is perfect theme for this purpose. Infact you ca also start with a new domain specially [...]