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Why you Should Tweet your Post Multiple Times?

We have been talking a lot about Twitter lately and if you have missed How to get more followers on Twitter, I highly recommedn you to read it. Twitter is one of the top 5 Traffic source for ShoutMeLoud. I often get into discussion with my fellow bloggers on the way of tweeting the post. Most common question I was asked is : Is it good to tweet your post [...]

15 Best WordPress Cheat Sheet For Designers And Developers

Wordpress is the best blogging platform. You can find a lot of free wordpress themes and plugins to enhance your blogging experience but still for some reasons you may need to tackle with the coding of your wordpress blog. If you are aware of Wordpress tags and codes, you can easily do anything with your wordpress blog. This article provides a list of best 15 Wordpress cheat sheets that will [...]

3 Reasons Why You Need Dedicated Twitter Profile for Blog

Twitter has become one of the best marketing tool.  The growth of twitter is enormous and many bloggers who have neglected twitter, are now getting inclined to twitter. Bloggers like me who have multiple blogs, or even with single blogs get confused between creating a separate profile for their blog or using their personal profile for blog updates. I always recommend creating a separate twitter profile for your blogs with the similar [...]

6 Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger

Being a Blogger is easy, all your need to do is start a new Blog and start writing. Simple is int it? But have you ever thought what it takes to become a successful Blogger? How Bloggers make thousands of dollars every month? Well, answer is dedication, passion and most important they are serious about Blogging. Lots of people try to earn money online but very few gets success. One of the [...]

Why WordPress is Better Than BlogSpot Platform?

As a newbie blogger, the most confusing state is to decide which Blogging platform to choose. Though, most suggested platforms are BlogSpot, WordPress, Tumblr. Now, when we talk about creating a blog from professional front, WordPress is a rock-solid choice. There are many things which you can do with a Self hosted WordPress blog, which you can't do on a BlogSpot blog. BlogSpot and WordPress both offers free blogging platform [...]

How to Create WordPress .Htaccess File

WordPress being a self hosted Blog, you get the flexibility to play with root folder. Today I'm going to talk about WordPress .htaccess file which is an important file for many reasons. You can set many security settings using Wp .htaccess file, add rules for redirection, block bots, secure your blog from spammers and many more. Though, many Wp users who are hosting their own blog are still not aware [...]

Can We use WordPress Word in our Domain Names?

When I was planning to start a new domain on WordPress the first few names which came into my mind was with keyword Wordpress. I was about to buy the domain name but luckily while talking to one of my blogger friend, told me about the issues with using Wordpress in top-level domain name . Read: 5 Domain names Suggestion tools After little research I landed into the page from Wordpress [...]

Experience of An Accountant As A Blogger

This is a story of my life as a blogger for me, I tried many ways to make money online and couldn't succeed and still trying. Here you can read about all the advertisement network I used, some of them worked and some didn't worked for me. Let me first introduce you about Tally. Tally is a leading Indian Accounting software easy to understand and manage and it was a [...]