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5 Mistakes To Avoid to Become a Successful Blogger

Every human makes mistakes in their life but if you learn from your mistakes and never make that mistake again then you can become successful in every field in your life. In the early days of my blogging I made lots of mistakes but I learn from them and now I am a successful blogger. In this article I'm writing about those mistakes a blogger should avoid to become a [...]

4 things Bloggers Should Learn from 3 Idiots Movie

I think all my Indian friends who lives in India or Abroad had seen 3 Idiots movie till now. If you still not seen this movie then don’t waste time and go for it. This film is inspired by Chetan Bhagat’s famous best seller book 5 point someone. Chetan Bhagat is one of the India’s highest selling author. So this is all about 3 Idiots now we come to the [...]

How to Add Pages Into BlogSpot Blog

Usually a blog have two ways to add content : Posts or Pages. For normal content, we use posts feature, and for important and prominent stuff like "About the blog", "Contact" "Resource", we use Pages feature. In most of the cases, we add pages in the navbar, as we want our readers to quickly access them. BlogSpot blogs lacked pages feature till 2009, and in 2010 BlogSpot added a feature [...]

Use Google Alert to Monitor What People are talking about you Online

Few Months back I have written two useful post on usage of Google reader for any blogger. In case if you have missed it, you can see it here Use Google alert for Unlimited Blog post ideas Google alert settings to find if your site is hacked There is one more topic which is very important for bloggers and I forget to add it into the earlier series of Google [...]

Watermark your Images using Windows Live writer

Last time when I shared Blogging tools, I can't Blog without, I talked about Windows live writer and now I'm going to share something interesting which you can do. Adding watermark to your images is an important part of branding and something we highly recommended in our article on How to SEO optimize PhotoBlogs. Windows Live writer is one of the ultimate blogging tool for bloggers. We have already covered [...]

HootSuite on Desktop: Using Google Chrome

I'm one of the early adopted of Hootsuite and I'm seeing it growing every day. If you are new to Hootsuite, you should check out my  review on Hootsuite. Hootsuite has become one of my favorite twiter client, though there is no official desktop client for hootsuite like tweetdeck has. Though, there are some ways by which we can get hootsuite on our desktop. If you are mac user, you can [...]

HootSuite Review : Social Media Automation on Steroids

With the increasing number of social-networking site, managing and keeping in eye on all social media platform is becoming a challenge. Thanks to various social-media tools which are helping bloggers like you and me to manage our social-media properties in effective way. Here at ShoutMeLoud, I review many of those tools which are not only worthy to mention but is a solution to our biggest problem. Today I will be [...]

Delete All Trackbacks on WordPress Blog & Disable Self Pings

If you’ve had a wordpress blog set-up and running for a while, you will probably have trackbacks mixed in with the real comments especially those posts and pages which have linked often by you and others. And also nofollow links are also being counted as backlinks there no use keeping 2 way links. Image : credits Some people really like that WordPress sends pings from your own site to your [...]