4 Crucial Phases In The Life Of A Blogger

Blogging is a passionate job for geeks who love to spend their time on internet. Blogging brings lots of hope and satisfaction in life. One can see his brightened career in the form of blogging. Blogger has a fantastic future because blogging gives lots of exposure as well as money in life. But every blogger has […]

Should you do a Free review or Paid review?

Last time we talked about Paid reviews : Good bad or Ugly. This is the time when we should talk about the other side of Paid review.  Should we do a review for free or should we do for money. Paid or free Reviews are totally dependent on the kind of product you are reviewing. […]

Paid Reviews: Good, Bad, or Ugly?

Paid Reviews: Good, Bad, or Ugly?

When we talk about making money via blogs there are some easy ways like Adsense, Ad programs, Affiliate marketing, Direct advertisement sales, and also Paid reviews. With the evolution of blogs, and companies realising importance of getting word out on blogs, paid reviews are going any time high. If not paid reviews, most of web companies, […]

Fb.me : Facebook URL Shortener Launched

Fb.me : Facebook URL Shortener Launched

For people like me who are addicted to Facebook and spend most of time on facebook will love this new addition by Facebook team. Fb.me URL shortening service. In general Facebook URL are usually long , before Facebook introduced Facebook username feature and facebook custom name for fan pages, but still photo album URL are […]

Blogspot SEO Guide using Google Webmasters tools

Blogger is one free platform which everyone one of us love. By default, your blog will not be Search Engine friendly. This post will provide you some information on search engine optimize of your Blogger blog using Google Webmasters Tool. Go to Google Webmasters Tool Click on Add a site and enter your URL Get […]

How to Comment on Other Blogs and Become a Better Blogger

We all know why bloggers should comment on other blogs, for the benefits of backlinks, traffic and branding. The difficult part is drawing a line between self-promotion and branding. Some of you may know that itchy feeling of dropping a link to our best article, using our keyword name as our commentator name, and other mistakes new bloggers so […]