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Adsense HeatMap : Best Google Adsense Placement Guide

When ever we talk about increasing adsense CPC, one of the most common word which you will hear is "Adsense heatmap".  In this post, I will be giving you a brief idea about heatmap and best adsense placement ideas. Google adsense advertisement is the best way for any blogger to earn through Blogging and there websites but the problem is always about which is the best place to place the [...]

Download Facebook ALbum In One Click :: FacePAD

Facebook is great for sharing photos, every day we see our family and friends share their photographs on facebook uploading them as albums. Many a times we want to store these photographs on our local system. The tedious way to do so is by right clicking on all the photographs one by one and save them by the "Save Image" option. The biggest disadvantage in this process is that the photograph [...]

5 Firefox extension for Killer Address bar

One of the most important part of your Firefox browser is the Address bar located withing Navigation Toolbar on top of the browser. Most common use of the address bar is to type url to visit respective site, but with the help of the Firefox extension, you can do much more with your address bar and turn it into a killer address bar. Lets look at the Firefox add-ons which [...]

How to Establishing Quality and Usefulness in a Blog

In my previous post SEO Strategy : Quality or Quantity of Post?, which lighted how quality & content information richness can pay to your blog in the long run & help developing a well SEO content.
Now I am going to look on those essential blog features that help you establish quality & blog usefulness, how those features can effect blog performance.

DNS Benchmark : Find The Fastest DNS

Most of the internet users do not pay attention to the DNS server they use to connect to the internet and use the default DNS server provided by their I.S.P. Some of us who know something about these stuffs are intelligent enough to choose form Wide list of DNS Providers. For long time OpenDNS ruled the market till we had other providers like  DNS Advantage, ScrubIT, TreeWalk DNS and now [...]

3 Things your Blog Should have From Day First

Blogging is not as easy as it sounds and there are hell lots of checklist for a blog. I wish if I can jot them down on a single post someday. For now I will point out the three important things which any blog should have from day one of their existance. Mobile Friendly blog With Smartphones increasing tremendously, mobile users accessing your website has increased. That’s what my Google [...]

WordPress Missed schedule problem [Solved]

So my last post was about missed schedule problem in wordpress 2.9. Because of this problem I missed posting many posts which were scheduled. After looking into lots of solution in wordpress support forum community , I realize the problem is with Wordpress cron jobs. And there is a quick and easy solution to this problem. but to resolve this issue we need to edit our cron.php file which is [...]

Why People Blog?

I’m keeping the title of this post short and meaningful “ Why people Blog”. I was drafting a post on my blogging journey and realized I have never written a post about why people blog.  Many people hope to see an obvious answer (Money), but that’s not true. People blog for many reason. Here are some of the reasons which I can think of, rest you can add contribute as [...]