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November 2009

How to upgrade WordPress Plugin Correct Way

One of the useful feature of wordpress is we get notification inside wordpress dashboard when we see an update, and when it comes to wordpress, we should install the latest version of wordpress to endure the security and bug fix of current WordPress version. But when it comes to Wordpress plugins, it has a complete different story, Wordpress plugin gets an update for following reasons For latest Wordpress version compatibility For Fixing [...]

After The Deadline : English Grammar Check WordPress Plugin

When it comes to SEO and quality, English is one of the area where it raises the maximum eye-balls. English is not my first-language and I make many mistakes, this is most common saying that you hear from blogger like us. I'm also from a non-English country and I'm working on improving my English grammar every day. Though, when Blogging is a business for you, you can't afford to make [...]

Blogging : Increase Comments By asking Questions to your readers

Many bloggers face problem like less number of comments or no comments on their blog, despite of useful and unique content. Reasons could be several, may be your blog comment box design, may be your blog loading time or most important you never asked them an opinion. Your Post Starting and ending points are very important. A great starting means , you won the visitors heart, and a great ending [...]

Why do you use Twitter? Marketing tool or Socializing?

Twitter is one of the best tool to connect to other like minded people, but question remains why do you use twitter? Do you use it to connect to friends or do you use it as a marketing tool? For me twitter is a marketing tool. Since I connect to other bloggers using twitter and get traffic for my blog and for others. I know many of you might not [...]