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November 2009

Seven Annoying Social Networking Habits

Social Networks have been a boon to us. They allow us to stay in touch with friends staying far and wide. However, we also walk into some irritating people who make us wonder how jobless they are. This article is about some annoying habits I have observed while browsing Orkut and Facebook. Image Credit Infinite number of Friends On an average users have some 200 friends. Those who are into [...]

Change Feedburner Email Subject Title to Make it more Effective

One of the most effective way to make your Email newsletter readable is by setting up Email subject title and Email delivery time. A good and effective Email subject line, makes your reader click the Email. It works the same way, when we write a post with effective title, it gets more CTR. So, in this post we will look into Feedburner Email subject title. You can use the same [...]

How to Add addon domain to Dreamhost Webhosting

Dreamhost is my favorite shared hosting because of the performance it has given me in last one year. If you have been thinking of buying shared hosting , dreamhost is the way you should go. Login to your cpanel and click on manage domains. There enter your domain URL and assign how your domain should add for prefix www. I selected the second option so that any one type my [...]

Change DNS of Domain bought from Google Apps

We have already told you about benefit of custom domain and sooner or later after buying custom domain, you might like to shift from Blogspot to Wordpress. I was working on a client blog migration and he bought his domain from Google. Finding the domain setting was not very tough, but like other cpanel it was not easy. So this is the guide which will help you when you buy [...]