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October 2009

How To Use Forums To Promote A Website

Forums can be a great tool in promoting your link to your niche group. However, most people do not do it right. With a focus on promoting links, most webmasters have bordered on spam while contributing to forums. Here are some tips to remember while you are looking at a forum to promote your links Quality vs. Quantity Whenever you are logging into a forum, remind yourself of the magic [...]

How to Select Best Affiliate Product for Your Blog

Here at ShoutMeLoud, I always focused on teaching about Affiliate marketing. Earlier, when I shared how I make money with ShoutMeLoud, I mentioned a big chunk of money comes from affiliate marketing. Getting success in affiliate marketing is not easy, and you need to be persistent, consistency  and have a proper marketing plan for the same. For example, what affiliate products you are selecting, what medium you are using to promote [...]

Subdomain Or Subdirectory for WordPress Addon blogs

When I started with Shoutmeloud after a while I was looking for option to increase its visibility by adding more category on it, but this may create an issue with existing niche topics and I might get good traffic but lose my niche authority. So I was left with three options : Create a new WordPress blog Create a WordPress blog in subdomains Create a WordPress blog in Sub directory [...]

How to Create a Strong and Smart Password

When we talk about online security the most common problem faced by people are hacked account. Hacked websites and hacked online life. The common problem for such issue is lack of an efficient antivirus, or if you believe you have the best antivirus try and check effectiveness of your password. Google released a post on password safety tips. I will quickly summarize the post and you can read more about [...]

How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

Laptop gave is the power of portability but still we are very much dependent on laptop battery life when travelling. I'm a Dell Inspiron user and they offer 6 cell battery, which is good enough for 3 hour of working, but since I use my laptop almost 18 hr. a day and I hardly turn it off once in a week, my battery dies soon. Most of the time, my [...]

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