How to Set Facebook Username for Pages

How to Set Facebook Username for Pages

When we talk about social media promotion of a site, Facebook fan page, Twitter and Google+ page is one of the best way to create your social media presence. Though, one of the basic target for social media presence is branding and by setting a custom Facebook username for page, we will be adding more into the branding of pages. We have already learned about How to create Facebook page and how to add Facebook fan page into our Blog. Now, we will look into branding of page using custom username. A default Facebook fan page username will look like this (25 comments)

Question : How to Start with Professional Blogging?

Blogging is not only a medium to showcase your voice, but it's also a career option. Many youngsters are jumping into the blogging to earn passive income. Starting a professional blog, requires lots of things, and if you are planning to earn from it: You need to have a business plan for your blog and all essential professional elements on your blog. This is a part of our question and answers series, where Anil asked me: How he can start a professional blog? Here is exact query that I received, and find my answers after the question: Here is the (8 comments)

Wamp Not Starting in Windows Problem

Last time when I wrote about How to Install wordpress locally many people reported that they have done every thing right, but after that I started getting Wamp Not Starting error. When they click on Start all service under Wamp, nothing happens. Even I faced the same issue initially and I reinstalled wamp , thinking I might messed up with something. Though the problem was not with Wamp, but with other other application which is blocking port 80. In my case it was Skype. For people using Skype Wamp will not work for them. Here is little trick which you (5 comments)

An Easy Guide To Make URL Shortener Under Your Domain Name

Being online is all about branding, and it doesn't matter how you do it, but more people see your brand name, more they are likely to remember it.Using a good URL shortening script you can also configure it to see stats and other details. More over, with growing need of  short URL's (As short URL's are easy to share on sites like Twitter), it's a good idea to use your own brand name. There are many online resources which let you shorten your long URL links to a compact and much shorter in letters, which are quite easier to share on social (19 comments)

How to remove Browser Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!

Few days back one of my client website got infected by malware and it was affected by some self replication malware via infected PC. Though hosting company cleaned the malware but the problem still persists in terms of visitors getting message like Warning : Visiting This site may harm your computer! The problem was big and obviously traffic dropped to a great extent. Google search top result was useless as most of the link were redirecting to place where all you will get is affiliate links to spyware and malware. I hope this solution will help (6 comments)