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Should I Add Google AdSense Ads on My New Blog?

The aim of this post is for those budding bloggers who are not monetizing there blog. When people start a blog, he tries to stay away from putting advertisement banner and adsense on new blogs. Even I started the same way. In early days of my blogging, I was not using Adsense or any other ad platform on my blog, but later on I realised my mistake and I think [...]

How to Add Facebook Fan Page to Website

By now, we have learned how to create Facebook page for Business and now, it's time to increase fans on your Fb pages. One of the tip, which I have given in my last post is Add Facebook fan page to your Website. Saying that, I mean Facebook offers a widget which you can embed in your blog, and use can hit like button to join your Facebook fan page. [...]

Get Most out of Feed Burner Free Email Subscription Offer

Yesterday I talked about How to configure Free Email subscription option of feed burner. It's time to get maximum out of Feed burner. Do you know you can set the time of delivery of Emails and and also set the custom welcome message for confirmation message along with Email address which will be used to send the subscription email message. I suppose by now you have activated the Email subscription [...]

How to Configure FeedBurner Free Email Subscription Feature

Free Email subscription is an important aspect that every blog owner should offer to readers. Despite of growth of Facebook, Feeds, Twitter and many custom option to keep track of news, Email subscription is still one of the best way to keep your readers updated about latest updates from your blog. In this tutorial, we will see how you can set up Feedburner Free Email subscription. Though, to start with [...]

Add more Social Touch to Feed Flare FeedBurner Options

In the last post how you can add social touch to your feeds using FeedFlare option of feed burner. Before I will tell you how you can add more social touch to your Feeds, Do check my previous posts on : How to Burn your Feed using Feed burner Make Your Feeds Browser Friendly Smart Feed : Make your Feed any Feed reader Friendly FeedFlare has an option to add [...]

Feed Flare Feed Burner Option : Make your Feeds Social

We have covered Three topics on this series so far : How to Burn your Feed using Feed burner Make Your Feeds Browser Friendly Smart Feed : Make your Feed any Feed reader Friendly Extending the series with Feed Flare option which is found under Optimize > Feed Flare in Your Feed   burner account of Corresponding feeds. Feed Flare add social element to Your feeds by giving an option [...]

Smart Feed FeedBurner Option : Make Your Feeds any Feed reader Compatible

Till now we have covered Two topic in the series How to Burn your Feed using Feed burner Make Your Feedburner Feed Browser Friendly Third one in the series is Smart Feed option of Feed burner which is not active by default. Making it active will enable your feeds to be read into any feed reader applications. In Google Term Smart feed Feature of feedburner is : Reach the widest [...]

Make your Feedburner Feed Browser Friendly

Few days back I talked about How to burn your feed using Feedburner? Continuing the series and adding more to it. Under Feedburner we have lots of options like Optimize, Publicize and so on. I will cover sub topics one by one to give you a much better idea of Feedburner. The first option under Feedburner is Optimize. Optimization means you can make your feed Optimize for different browsers and [...]