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How to Buy a WordPress blog?

Buying a WordPress blog created by someone is a tough call, as if you ignore some of the factors, you might be putting a big hole in your pocket. Specially in year 2014 when blogging landscape has changed a lot in terms of SEO and site quality, now it's very important for you to do a proper check before buying a new website. Today, I will be discussing some of [...]

Facebook Share count Button WordPress Plugin

Few days back I have covered a post on Tweetmeme button to get more Retweets. Providing an easy interface to share your blog post always help to drive more traffic. More interesting is to see stats of share. Facebook Share button is one such plugin for wordpress to see share count of your blog post on facebook. This also help users to easily share your blog post   on facebook. [...]

Add Adsense Between Post : Quick Adsense WordPress plugin

When we talk about adsense, and increasing adsense revenue, the best way to do it is by blending your ads in between the post. Though there are various ways by which we can add adsense in between the post. That including hacking your wordpress theme, or using any plugin which randomly add adsense in between the post. Though the first one hacking wordpress theme make sense, but can be a [...]

Why changing of post permalink after publishing is not a good idea

Some people change the post permalink after publishing the post because they might think that the title of post is not appropriate or they find any good title for the post. Now if you change the permalink of the post then everything looks fine, your new title might makes your post more attractive but somewhere it is wrong. As you publish a new post and the RSS feed technology update [...]

6 Ways to Rule social Networking Website and Etiquette

Number of social networking sites are rising day by day, and people now a days, spend more time online, than meeting people in real-life. This also made social networking site like Facebook, a part of our life. Unlike old time, now we share all the stuffs like Where you are at (Checkin), what you doing, photos of all the events, and so on.. Similarly, there are many more sites like [...]

How to Make most out of Sponsored Tweets

Yesterday I talked about Make money twitter with Sponsored tweets, this new program is very useful for Twitter users to make some extra bucks using Twitter. The ground rule of making money with any program is understand its basic and start from step 1 to make most out of it later. FYI Sponsored tweet pay you by Paypal. Now here is a short guide which will help you to make [...]

How to Install WordPress on Hostgator Using QuickInstall

WordPress is one of the most popular self hosted blogging platform. Getting started with WordPress is quite easy, and the very first step is to install WordPress on your hosting account. Most of the shared hosting for WordPress offers quick script to install WordPress, and you don't have to take maual route to create your WordPress blog. Here I will be sharing steps you need to follow to install WordPress on hostgator [...]

Solution: Paginated WordPress Comments Causes Duplicate Content

When we talk about Wordpress, first thing which comes in our mind is SEO friendly and it is very true when we compare wordpress with blogspot. But if you install wordpress and think now you have a big SEO giant with you, you are wrong. There are so many things which you need to learn, understand and implement to make your blog search engine friendly. When it comes to SEO [...]