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Invoice Machine : Create Free Online PDF Invoices

Being a blogger and freelancer, many times I have to sent invoice to the client. When I started blogging I was not sure of any web app which let you crease free online invoice. Later on I got to know about this online site  Invoice machine, which does the job pretty well. Update: Later on I started using Activ collab for project management and that's one of the tool which I'm [...]

[Blogging] Why commenting is Very Important for Your Blog

Few days back one of my blogger friend Abhishek asked me a question : I just came to know that you are active commenter on most of the blogs. Your comments easily cross 100's within a week. Well, I feel lazy for commenting. Can you please tell me, if there is any profit from commenting like traffic or relationship or SEO or anything else? You do you just comment out [...]