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August 2009

How to add Twitter ID into Thesis wordpress Theme Comment Form

Extending my series of posts on Thesis customization series, In case if you have not got Thesis wordpress theme yet, you can buy it from here. Also read my previous Thesis Theme customization posts : Add Digg and Tweetmeme Button to Thesis wordpress theme Customizing Thesis wordpress theme 404 Error pages Add Page Navigation to thesis wordpress theme Customize Thesis wordpress theme with Open hook plugin Twitter is one big [...]

Twitter Success Revealed in 7 Power Tips

Twitter is one of the most popular communication tool we got. In 140 character, we can communicate with anyone in the globe. So far, Twitter changed the face of social media. No one ever thought, a Micro-blogging website will become so big in no time. Like any other social networking site, there are some rule, and ethics which one need to follow to get Twitter success. Your success on Twitter [...]

How to add Digg and Tweetmeme Button In Thesis WordPress Theme

I have already covered few topics on customizing Thesis wordpress theme, If you have missed them, you can have a look at : Customizing Thesis wordpress theme 404 Error pages Customize Thesis wordpress theme with Open Hook plugin Add Page Navigation to Thesis wordpress theme Looking at my referral log, I'm glad that many people bought thesis and I'm sure they must be seeing the positive result. To make them [...]

A Blogger Review of Hostgator Shared Hosting Plan

One of the major problem which we face while hosting our site is finding a reliable host. A bad host can create chaos for bloggers like us and that's why it's important to have a quality Web-host should be hosting our Site. Today, I'm going to share Hostgator Baby plan review, because it's the same hosting where ShoutMeLoud is hosting and running smoothly. I started my Blogging journey with Dreamhost, [...]

Customizing Thesis WordPress Theme 404 Error Pages

No one likes 404 Error pages. A 404 Error page is the requested page that doesn't exist. When a user open a page on your blog, and that page do not exist on your blog, he will get a 404 error. In normal scenario user will hit the back button or close the page. The loss will be yours since you will not be getting and visits on your page. [...]

Importance of Online Banner Advertisement For Branding

When ever it comes to online advertising, Banner advertisement is always the preferred way to market your brand. I have seen many marketers talking about that banner advertisement is not effective, and I believe that's not true. When it comes to branding, banner advertisement is always one of the most effective way to market your service or just to make people know your brand. What really matter is design of [...]

How To Add Related Posts on BlogSpot Using LinkWithin Widget

Showing related posts on your blog have many benefits and one of the major benefit is letting your readers stick to your blog. A usual practice is to show related posts after posts and once a reader is done reading current article, he can pick one from the related section. Usually related posts shows articles from your blog which is related to the current article. Depending upon which method you [...]

How to add Page Navigation To Thesis WordPress Plugin

By default Thesis wordpress theme doesn't come with page navigation. It has entries like previous entry and next entry, which is not very good to lower down the bounce rate and provide an easy navigation to your reader. To add Page navigation to Thesis wordpress theme, you need to have Wp Page Navigation Plugin Thesis open hook plugin Download, install and activate both the plugins. Copy the following code and [...]

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