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July 2009

7 Benefits of Working From Home

If I have choice between work from office or home, Home would be my definite choice. In this post, we will look into the some of the benefits of Working from home. Specially, for bloggers who are into pro-blogging, they are aware of pros and cons of working from home. Working from home means you [...]

WordPress Post Notification Plugin : Email Notification for Submitted Post

When you run a multi-author WordPress blog or allow guest posters to submit the post directly from WordPress dashboard, I'm sure you must be looking forward a way to get instant Email notification when ever someone submit a post or when you reject or publish a post, Author should be notified too. Here I'm talking [...]

How to Add Another Email Account to Gmail

Gmail is an amazing mailing service comes with plenty of useful and innovative features. Gmail lab is a perfect example. Apart from lab there are lots of features available that's fascinate your mailing experience and makes Gmail different from other mailing services. Gmail's custom from feature is a good example. Before I will tell you [...]

10 Firefox extensions for power blogging

Blogging is a task which involve so many processes. The common misconception about blogging is that people think that blogging means only writing article. But the actual fact is Blogging require lots of step:Ex. Choosing Niche, planning for an article, research on article, subscribing RSS feeds, keyword plan, SEO management, image editing, writing, marketing of [...]

How to Create WordPress Sitemap using Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

Sitemap of your WordPress blog is one of the most important aspect of your blog search engine indexing. Sitemap file helps search engine bots to find links on your blog, and that's how they crawl and index it. I have already specified details earlier on Google crawling and indexing article. It's essential for you to [...]

What is Backlink and How to Start Getting Backlinks to Your Blog?

If you have been reading SEO category of ShoutMeLoud, one of the most common word which you might have heard here is Backlinks, Link, Link juice. People who are into Blogging for some time, they are aware of what are backlinks, but fot new users it sounds like an alien language. When I started with [...]

WordPress Plugin to let Users Subscribe to Blog Comments

WordPress is really amazing with it's number of plugins and by the end you will be able to get maximum things done using plugins. We have already talked about important of subscriber over traffic and commenting is an important part of Blogging. Usually it's comment which helps in make blog more credible and add more [...]