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June 2009

SiteMeter : Real Time Website Visitors Tracking

When I started blogging in 2008, I never realized the importance of site stats apart from the fact it helps me in Ego boost by seeing some visitors on my blog. Later on I integrated 3 analytic system: Google Analytics, Stats plugin and last one is Sitemeter. It's been 4 years and now I have left sitemeter and I'm only using Google analytics and Stats plugin to check [...]

Block Visitors From Specific IP Address Using .htaccess method

We have already covered some interesting topics on wordpress .htaccess hacks. How to edit wordpress .htaccess file How to avoid spam comments in wordpress using .htaccess method How to redirect wordpress default rss feeds to feedburner using .htaccess method This post can be used for wordpress or for any website, by editing your .htaccess file. If you are not familiar with .htaccess file, refer to above mentioned post or get [...]

UnInstall WordPress Plugins to Fix WordPress Slowness Problem

2 days back my blog was constantly down and I was facing blog slowdown problem. I was cursing my webhosting company and was planning to switch it. Probably I would have done that but after lots of research, I found the issue was not with my hosting   and it was because of WordPress. Few days back we discussed on How many wordpress plugin we should use? and I explained there [...]

How to submit your blog sitemap to Bing

Microsoft launched Bing webmaster tool same as Google Webmaster tool. It will help you to include your site in Bing search engine and also analyze your site for any possible error. This tutorial will help you how to submit your sitemap to Bing. I assume you know how to generate sitemap, if not use Google XML sitemap generator plugin (wordpress). Sign in to Bing webmaster tool, You can use [...]

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