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May 2009

Why I love Thesis WordPress Premium Theme

I'm sure many of you heard a lot about Thesis WordPress theme. In most of the review you will read that Thesis is one of the best SEO optimized WordPress theme. I wish if I can deny this fact. One simple reason I can't deny this because I'm not a coder and Thesis helped me to simply overcome this problem with lots of Thesis design option under Wordpress dashboard. Before [...]

5 Websites to Download Free Ebook for Desktop and Mobile Phones

Those who work online, I'm sure many of you prefer reading eBooks over text book. I know, text books are always good but carrying a pdf ebook on your desktop, Smartphone, Kindle and other eBook reading devices is lot easier than physically carrying a book. Here I'm listing few online Websites which will let you download free eBooks in different category. For example, if you are one of those who [...]

eBookshare : Download Free eBooks Via Torrent

We have already shared a lot about torrents in the past and today we are going to talk about one of the site which offers free eBooks torrent. I'm a big fan of eBooks and love reading them online or download it on my iPad and read it before sleeping. Anyways, many site offers their eBook in the form of torrent and many torrent sites are specially created for eBook [...]

How to add Nofollow to a Link

One of the most common word which you will come across in the field of SEO is nofollow and dofollow. Link building is the crucial part of any successful SEO and we have already covered basics about Nofollow and Dofollow  and here I will tell you how to add no-follow to any link. In this tutorial, we will learn why you should have nofollow and dofollow link and what kind of links should be [...]

Shoutmeloud monthly Income report for April 2009

It's time to disclose my monthly income for the month of April 2009. Though I will not say its very great this month compare to shoutmeloud monthly income report for February 2009, but I'm left with no choice as I said that I will disclose the monthly report for every month. In my last post I talked about affiliate marketing and I can see some increase in my affiliate marketing [...]

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