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May 2009

How to access phpmyadmin in dreamhost hosting?

We have been talking about dreamhost a lot that include Dreamhost promo code and How to install self hosted wordpress blog on dreamhost hosting. The good thing is many users opted for dreamhost and to make your life more easier with dreamhost hosting, I will tell you what various things you can do with the dreamhost. One of them is accessing Dreamhost Phpmyadmin. Though it tool me almost 15 minutes [...]

WordPress Plugin to Change Login Page logo : BM custom login

WordPress login page is usually public and if you have allowed registration or let others submit guest post from dashboard, it's a good idea to customise your WordPress login page for branding. There are many plugins which will let you customise WordPress login page and BM  custom login plugin is one of them. This is a simple plugin which does nothing but changes the logo on login page. There are [...]

How to redirect wordpress default RSS feeds to feedburner without any plugin

By the number of posts I'm writing these days on Wordpress, you can easily figure out that I'm a fan of wordpress. Obviously I'm because it made my life much easier and it's probably wordpress that I have decided to work as a professional blogger. And If you are familiar with RSS feeds, Shoutmeloud recommend feed demon as your feed reader. Feeds are great way to boost your blog popularity [...]

Infolinks Affiliate Program

In the past, I have shared many ad networks like Adsense, Infolinks, Technorati media, BuySellAds, which you can use on your blog and monetize it. Today, we going to look into Infolinks affiliate program, which will help you to increase your revenue from Infolinks. Earlier when adsense was launched, they also come up with an referral program which was a great way to add more Adsense income, but lately they [...]

List of WordPress Blogs using Top Commentator Plugin

When it comes to Link building, some time it's good idea to go for targeted link building campaign when you are running short of time. Here I'm sharing a list of WordPress blogs who are using top commentator plugin. If you get into top commentator list on such blogs, you will be getting backlink for long time and for new blogs it's really beneficial. Though It's hard to maintain a [...]

How to Share on Stumbleupon With all Friends

Stumble upon is one of the best social bookmarking website to discover and share best of Internet resources with your friends. It's very easy to use stumble upon with the help of stumble upon toolbar and discover any webpage on Internet. When you stumble a useful resource, I'm sure you must be wondering How to share a page on stumbleupon. Well, stumbleupon offers very simple way to share your likes [...]

How to remove any URL or link from Google Index using Google webmaster tool

Few days back we talked about Global translator wordpress plugin problem for SEO and Solution. Though some of the user are not familiar with Google webmaster tool on how to remove their URL from Google index using Google webmaster tool. To make your life easier this is a step by step tutorial along with screenshots on how to remove your blog URL using Google webmaster tool. This trick will be [...]

How to use UltraSurf Proxy to UnBlock Websites

Ultrasurf has been come out as one of the best proxy software solution to Unblock websites. Though, many newbies have problem configuring Ultrasurf and here in this guide I will explain how to use Ultrasurf Proxy software. We have already covered lots of topic on how to unblock any blocked website. I will quickly summarize them for your reference : Use freedom proxy to unblock any website 3 proxy software [...]

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