WhyDoWork Adsense Plugin : Insert Adsense Anywhere in the Post

One of the best way to make money from Adsense is embedding at the place where you get maximum CTR. Here I'm talking about one WordPress plugin call "Whydowork Adsense plugin" which is one of the best plugin I have came across in recent days. As name suggest, this plugin let you insert Adsense ad codes or any other ad codes any where in the blog post. Getting adsense approval itself is a big task and once you get an approved adsense account, adding adsense on your blog seems like a big task. One of the power of WordPress Blogging platform is it's (18 comments)

Why You Should Use Custom Domain Name for BlogSpot Blog

Most of the newbies who starts a blog, prefer to use BlogSpot as their blogging platform. This actually makes sense, as BlogSpot is free, and you need less technical skills to get started. From a learner perspective, it's a zero investment, and return is high. With BlogSpot platform, we get major benefits like Free, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited storage. Though storage is not unlimited but we have plenty of options like creating different author profile and use them to store images and files. The only thing which they might not like with blogSpot (34 comments)

DomainsBot : Get Suggestion for Domain Names

DomainsBot : Get Suggestion for Domain Names

Domain business has been there from the time domain names started. Many people buy keyword rich domain and resell it later on at higher price. If you don't believe this, check out most expensive domain names. Today. we are going to learn about a site call DomainsBot which helps people like you and me to  get suggestion for domain names. Specially, when we are not sure what could be the best domain name for our next project, this is very handy. Though finding a domain name become tough some time. The best domain name is always one which contains the (3 comments)

What’s the maximum number of Twitter followers you can follow?

Twitter the favorite micro blogging tool and the best way to connect with more then thousands people at the same time. If you have not been using Twitter till now I suggest create an account on Twitter download Tweetdeck and enjoy tweeting. Twitter has no limitation of number of followers you can follow, but there are certain guidelines to it. Maximum number of Twitter user you can follow in a single day is 1000. How many maximum Twitter followers you can follow? The maximum number of followers you can follow is either 2000 or 110% of your (8 comments)

How to Migrate from BlogSpot to WordPress with 301 Redirection

When I started my Blogging career, I started with BlogSpot and it's always a wise idea to start with 0 investment when you are complete newbie. After, getting used to basics of Blogging, my next destination was to migrate to WordPress and after migration, I thought of sharing this migrate from BlogSpot to WordPress guide. We have already covered following topics in the series migrating from BlogSpot to WordPress 8 reasons why self hosted blog is better than   free blogspot blogs How to import your blogger blog posts, comments and user to (47 comments)