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March 2009

Check your website load time with Fasterfox : Firefox addon

Fasterfox is a Firefox addon (1.5-2.0) which tell you the load time of your website or any website you are surfing. Once installed, you can see Fasterfox icon on your Firefox status bar. Apart from page load time features , Fasterfox is also included with Pop-up blocker, Prefetching, Speed tweaks. You can download the Fasterfox and read about more of fasterfox features on their homepage. Homepage: Fasterfox

How much I make money from blogging in Feb 2009

I recently noticed that most bloggers are interested in knowing the income and the source of income by another blogger. Even I'm because it helps me to target those sector of making money online which I'm missing. Another benefit is other people and readers will get an idea how bloggers are making money online. Though I started professional blogging from the month of March 2009 and I started monetizing shoutmeloud [...]

FeedDemon: Best Windows Desktop Feed Reader

Most of the websites offer many ways to subscribe and stay update with the latest updates. Some of the common way is by Email subscription, Feed subscription, Twitter and Facebook fan page. Out of all, when it comes to keeping blog updates, I prefer Feed update option. Reason being, I can use any dedicated Feed reader to subscribe to any blog updates, and keep a track of it. If you [...]

Google adsense introduce Interest based advertising

It seems like Google AdSense is all set to become the biggest advertising company and dominate the Internet world with the new feature introducing every day. New fatures like Adsense for mobile  and adsense for parked domains are one of such feature. Then introducing new font inegration and now we have interest based advertisement. Google contextual advertisement make most out of it when advertisement is placed at significant place and [...]

NetworkedBlogs Application : Blog Directory on Facebook

We have been looking into many applications on Facebook lately and specially with 850+ million users, Facebook gives us (Blogger) enough reason to have a solid presence. One of the process of being active on Facebook is syndication. I have already talked about one tool call RSS Graffiti which I use these days to auto-syndicate post from my blog to Facebook and today we will look into one more such app call [...]

Nearbytweets : Find Twitter users Tweeting Across the Street

Twitter is all about connecting to right people and make strong connection. Believe it or not, connecting to people who is tweeting near by is always a plus. Today, we are going to talk about NearByTweets service, which is geographical location based twitter service and let you find Tweet user, who are Tweeting from nearby location. For example, at the time of writing my location is New delhi, India and [...]

Create Gmail Button with Email Icon Generator

One of the big problem of putting our Email address in proper format [email protected] is, email harvester bots add those Emails in their database and spam them. This is a big headache for bloggers like us, who have to put Email address for some reason in contact or service pages. Though, simply way is you can replace at with [at] and that will stop bots from harvesting your email address, [...]

Aaron Greenspan Sued Google for Disabling Adsense Account

Today we going to hear a story about a guy name Aaron Greenspan, who sued adsense for disabling his account and how we won the case. Google adsense team has been disabling many accounts to protect other publisher and advertisers interest. But, at times they are not 100% true and many people lose their hard earned adsense income because of Adsense account disable problem. Google adsense is said to be [...]

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