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March 2009

Cool Javascript trick for Google Image result

Do you feel like amazing your friends with some fancy Javascript tip? How about showing them Google image search result and let all the image dance with one simple Javascript code. Update: This trick doesn't work with latest Chrome or Firefox browser. Either use, Internet explorer or old versions of Chrome and Firefox browser. This is a cool javascript trick which you can use in Google image result. Go to Google [...]

ByPass Firewall Restrictions with Anonymous Proxy Soft-ware

Many of my readers are from colleges or people who work in an environment where most of the websites are blocked like social networking, social bookmarking websites, Instant Messaging websites and of course pornography. One of the easiest way to byPass Firewall restrictions by using Proxy sites. Though, major issue with these sites are they are easily detected and become ineffective because in a day or two when your firewall scans [...]

How to save your self from Orkut account hacking using fake orkut method

This post doesn't talk about hacking in any circumstance, This post is all about how you can safe yourself from orkut hackers. If you are looking for orkut hacking method, I will suggest hit the back button and Start Goggling again, else particiapte me to make orkut a beautiful and neat community. If we talking about social networking   orkut is the widely used social networking website in India and [...]

Improve adsense revenue with adsense RSS feeds advertisement

Update: Google killed AdSense for feeds. Here are other programs to make money with RSS Feeds. Most of google adsense publisher look for various tips and trick to increase their adsense revenue. Though they generally avoid the simplest way to improve the earning by going with the rules.One of the simple way to increase your revenue is by using the maximum possible adsense unit on a single page. Read shoutmeloud [...]