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January 2009

SubmitExPress Analyzer: Meta Tag Analyzer & Keyword Density Checker

One thing which is certain about SEO is it's an ongoing process. Even you have done the basic on page SEO optimization of your blog, you should never stop doing SEO audit of your blog. Some time even a small change might breakdown the whole SEO base of your blog. For example yesterday I was using [...]

How to Add ALT tag into images : WordPress Image SEO plugin

SEO of a WordPress blog is done on many phases. Starting from onsite to on page SEO. Images on your blogs are also very useful to get traffic form image based search engines like Google  image search. Though, unlike text based content, search engine bots can't see and identify your content like a normal user. [...]

Robots.Txt Stops Search Engine Bots to Crawl Part Of Your Blog

Wondering what is the use of Robots.txt file in a website? I have seen a lot of confusion related to robots.txt file, and intern this creates SEO issues on your website. In this article, I will share everything you need to know about robots.txt file, and also I will share some links which will help [...]

How to Unblock Facebook at Work or College?

Facebook is one of the most popular, and time killing social networking site, and this is one of the reason access to Facebook is usually banned in offices or at work or in colleges.Here I'm compiling a guide for users who are looking to unblock Facebook and access Facebook without any limitations. Facebook Vs. Orkut : [...]

FireFTP: Free FTP Addon for Firefox

Being a pro-blogger everyday I have to deal with many blogging tasks which include managing server, managing dashboard, SEO audit and many more. For various tasks, I need to access FTP on my server and most of the time, I use desktop FTP client like FileZilla. Though at times, I wish to have an inbuilt [...]

Infolinks Review : In-Text Advertisement program

As a new-bie blogger I started trying lots of advertisement programs. Specially when I was not accepted for Adsense initially, I tried signing up for all possible adsense alternative and other advertisement programs. I started with Kontera for in-text advertising but the result was way too less than expected. I have been using kontera from last 2 weeks [...]