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December 2008

Gmail account disabled : nightmare with Gmail

  Gmail is the best web mail I have ever used and I'm using it for more then 3 years, most of my important accounts is connected to Gmail. probably you should reconsider reading my article   on Your gmail is hacked: crosscheck Tonight when I was sleeping one of my friend called me to say your Orkut account is gone and I was shocked as I have used orkut [...]

OpenDNS : Change DNS server to Improve Internet Speed

When ever we need fast Internet connection, we usually opt for a broadband connection which offers higher speed and it's a good practice. Though, very few people are aware of the fact that at times, even using Faster broadband connection you might not get great speed. Specially, in the case when you are browsing or using torrents. This usually happens because of DNS (Domain name system) provided by your ISP. [...]

Which is The Best Internet Browser?

I'm a computer and Internet addict. I spend almost 10+ hrs on Internet every day and my work involves working on many web pages at once. Being an Internet savvy, I prefer using the best Internet browser and here word best means different for different users. For example, for me it's browser speed which makes me stick to it. For some, it's addons which make them stay with any particular [...]

Easy Comment Addon : Autfofill WordPress Comment Forms

Blog commenting has always been one of the most lethal weapon for internet marketers to get backlink, networking and for branding. Now, how many of you hate the fact you have to fill out all the comment box fields like Name, Email, URl before you add a comment. Well, Disqus and such other 3rd party commenting system are free from this scenario but WordPress default comment form is n't. Today, I'm going to share [...]

Top Online HTML Conversion Tool

These are the Top tools to convert your different file into HTML or vice-verse 1  Yelllowpipe : Yellowpipe is online web Conversion tool which convert HTML files to PHP, Javascript and ASP files. 2  HTML to RSS : As name suggest this online web application name as Wotzwot can   convert any page into RSS. 3  RSS to HTML : This online tool let you convert RSS feeds into HTML, [...]