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November 2008

Best Online Sites to Compress your URL

URL's are getting short day by day, people like to say things within 140 character on Twitter and that's where these URL compressor sites come into the picture. There are many online Web services, which let you compress your URL. You can use any of them, and here I'm creating a list of all such websites which you can use to shorten your URL. It's not an extensive list, but [...]

How Many Backlinks have you Got : BackLinkWatch

Having a blog and quality content is not everything. You need to go out in the vast world-wide web and have to expand your presence in various form like Social media presence, mention on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Getting back links/mention from other sites within their articles and all this comes when you write quality content. Now, many new bloggers or people who are new to SEO, they [...]

Virtual GirlFriend [NSFW] : Time Killer

The way world is moving to online dating and online girlfriend, Virtual girlfriend is not an old concept. When you work 24*7 online, you probably won’t have time to socialize. There are many online dating sites but they are useless. How about you find a girlfriend in more geeky way. Yes, I’m talking about Virtual world girl-friend. Obviously it might not be as smart as your real girlfriend, but if you [...]

Confession of a Blogger

Initial days of blogging is always full of many mistakes, and we learn from it. Today, I'm writing this article to make a confession. A silly mistake which I made unintentionally, and wanted to confess here to get myself out of self-guilt. Before I start with my confession I would like to share one mistake that might hamper my reputation, but since my readers are my asset, so I prefer to [...]