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October 2008

Photofunia : Add Celebrity Effects in your Photos

Photofunia is one of the highly recommended photo fun effects website for people who likes to experiment with their picture and add effects into their photos. Unlike usual photo effects, Photo funia turns your photo into a celebrity image. You can add various funny photo frames and create nice fun photobox. If you looking for a website to pimp up your photos, this is a good place to start. Images speaks thousands words and [...]

Google Chrome Full Installer Download

With time Google Chrome has become my favorite Web browser and every time I install OS on my system, this is the first web-browser I install. I do love Firefox too, but I found Chrome to be much faster. Though one thing which I hate about Chrome is it's online installer. When ever you try installing chrome, it will download a small exe file and upon running it, it will [...]

Create HTTP File Server in Single Click using HFS

Today we will be learning about how we can create HTTP file server using a tiny piece of software call HFS. When ever we talk about creating a Web-server it sounds like a Tech-Geek stuff but it's not. Here I'm not sharing how to Install a website but how by using a simple software, you can create a web server on your system. If you have a private I.P, you [...]

What is Google Analytics?

Google analytics is one of the best free available tool to keep a track of your website traffic stats. Google analytic give you all measurement which you need to find how many visits, page views you are getting, from where you are getting traffic, Operating system being used by your readers and many more. This is my follow up post from making your blog popular and making money from your [...]