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    Airtel Speed on Demand Service: Instant High Speed Internet

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    I’m An Airtel broadband user and it’s no doubt one of the best broadband connection provider. Though, I wish if some day they also make their customer support team as good as their technical service. Anyways, Airtel offers lots of unlimited bandwidth plan. Which they termed as FUP*. (Fair usage policy). Now, the major problem with FUP is, if you finish your bandwidth before the end of month, your bandwidth will reduce to minimum. This is very troublesome when you have to make an important business video call or anything like that. Airtel offers one such service, which will come out very handy for you.

    How many of you need instant high speed internet for couple of hours? It may be for downloading movies or may be you are on slow Internet connection and need instant boost. If you are using Airtel broadband service, you can take advantage of Airtel Speed on Demand service which is a paid service and offers speed up to 2 Mbps.

    Speed on demand is an old service from Airtel broadband and has been really handy for people looking for fast internet speed for couple of hours.

    Charges for ASOD: Airtel Speed on Demand

    Airtel Speed on demand offers 3 plans. You can get 512kbps, 1mbps and 2 mbps plan.

    Here is an image showing ASOD service price chart:

    airtel speed on demand service 550x313 Airtel Speed on Demand Service: Instant High Speed Internet

    Earlier we have published this article to get this Airtel speed on demand service for free. It’ was little Airtel hacking but due to legal issues, we have to remove that Article.

    How to activate Airtel Speed on demand service:

    In order to activate Airtel speed on demand service, you need to login to your account on Airtel site and from your control Panel, you can activate any of the plans mentioned above. This will be done instantly. Or you can directly go to this link.

    Anyways, the service works on hourly basis but one thing which I don’t like about this service is, they offer maximum speed of 2 MBPS which is too less for any one who is already on higher Airtel broadband plan. They should start offering 4MBPS-8MBPS plan as a part of this service.

    Have you every activated this service from Airtel? Do let us know how was your experience so far?

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    hey dude…..
    thanx a lot this works…
    but im facing a problem that is my downloading speed dsnt go over 60 kbps…
    that is max speed that my pc is acheving is around 60 kbps even with 2mbps password..
    plz help…



    dude first thing that you kep on note

    2 MBPS speed active for 1 hr and then you have to login again on the above given site and again activate !! It’s an hour based service..!!
    hope you get that..!!

    And do check your speed after activating it.!! feel any problem let me know..!!

    If you like the post do stumble,buzz and digg it..!! That will be great for me..!!


    i want to activate gprs in my cell.. i have motorokr E6. i stay in chennai.i tried contacting customer care but no use.its been almost a month since i am trying 2 activate . i have many complains as well.can u tell some other alternative as to how 2 activate the same. they told me 2 send a msg A GPRS to 56789, i have send still i have not received any settings


    hey dude i need ur help
    m using local area network connection of 128kb/sec in which i get download speed around 12-13-14.
    no ip is given on my connection it works by username,password.last few years i was using internet connection of 2mbps by changing ip. wat do now dude how can i change my ip or how can i increase my speed please help


    I’m using airtel Rs.499 combo plan and its speed is 64 kbps. Will the above trick will work for me? Will the airtel charge money for this?

    on 13th april midnight , i was downloading torrents with the speed of over 200-300 kB/s .I don’t know how it happened. Usually i get speed of 6-7 kB/s second with torrents. Can anybody tell me how it happened?


    when i open the page
    then im asked for user id and pwd
    user id is my airtel num, and pwd is account num, as told by u. but this is not working for me
    so can u help me, how to move further.
    and wil airtel charge me for using 2mbps speed, or by following ur trick it wil b free of cost.

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