11 Widgets to Rock your Blog

Today I have come up with a List of 15 Blogger widgets which can Rock your Blog. You don’t have to do any coding or add a new Plugin and get into excessive coding to add this widget. Simply go to your BlogSpot or WordPress widget, add a text widget and copy paste the code generated by any of the Blogging widget services mentioned below. I have an interesting list to share with you, but before going ahead I must mention that a widget is the ‘Handy to use Content’, which adds a good look and can be referred as a sidebar application with some different functions. Like, without setting up or creating any app you can amaze your visitors with funky and wonderful things.

Blogger Widgets

  1. Flickr Flash Photo Stream Badge: Adds a Flash photo stream on to your sidebar.
  2. Twitter Badge: Well, if your twitter activity is skyrocketing, then don’t forget to add this Badge to your sidebar and it will help you to get more friends as well.
  3. FEEDJIT: Get the real-time traffic data on the Front end of your blog just on the sidebar.
  4. WhoLinked: This widget tells you which web/blog has now linked their blog with yours and provided you a Backlink. Your visitors will know how famous you are over the web.
  5. MyPageRank: Lets the visitors know your fame on Page Rank through the My Page Rank widget.
  6. CheckPageRank: Show them your Page Rank and Alexa ranking all together.
  7. Skype button: Are you Online or Offline on Skype, tell them openly.
  8. PollDaddy: Make polls easily and ask your Visitors/Readers to vote on your Blog.
  9. Vizu: Just another Poll making widget that works with all CMS.
  10. AnswerTips: Tell the meaning to your visitors about each and every term you used on your Blog.
  11. aStore: This is the same as Auction Ad but instead of Ebay it has item from Amazon and you will also get the profit when somebody will buy from your mini store.

Create your own widgets for free and add them to your sidebar and search a large collection of already developed widgets at Widget Box. We have already covered some nice widgets to be added on your blog and if you have missed it, here are some of the best pick from ShoutMeLoud Archive:

Now starts the widget fun but don’t go crazy, add only 3 – 4 Widgets. Adding more will look weird and will spoil the whole appearance of the Blog. More over use only those widgets which help you in promotion or help your readers to connect closely with you or your blog. Using lots of widget might slow down your blog. So be wise!

Do let us know which all Blogger widgets would you recommend for every blogger and some of your must have blogging widgets?

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Ramsha Afaq is an Entrepreneur & Artist. I am Passionate, Enthusiastic and Focused towards my aims which came to me from a Geeky Mind and that is why I am often on the edges of the Digitalization.


COMMENTs ( 5 )

  1. Shaiq Uddin says

    I agree with Raj and I too don’t like to add these scripts(either javascripts or any thing other) on blogs because, it surely slow downs the loading speed and performance of any page,,,resulting in valuable traffic loss….

  2. Raj says

    Do you really feel that we should use these widgets, I am against using more widgets eespecially when it comes to script related as they will add unnecessary load and takes more time to load pages (which I feel is not good for SEO)

    BTW i have seen a mistake you have typed “fistors” instead of “visitors” in #6. WhoLinked

    • Ramsha Afaq says

      Thanks Raj for letting me know your View but Widgets slows down the loading time but remember the time is approximately less then the one which is add up by plugins we usually use on our blogs

  3. Syed Aqeel says

    Most of the Widgets are used by me at Different websites though one should select a niche before selecting a Widget. The above mention widgets are for all Blogs.