15 Brilliant Tips to Get Fresh & Interesting Post Ideas

Maintaining Blog post frequency is really a tough job for all blogger’s, it is not easy to update a blog regularly with quality articles. To get interesting post ideas to write you must do some mind mapping or you can follow these tips mentioned below, I’m sure any one of these following tips will help you a lot. Writing an article a day is not a big deal but the problem is coming up with a creative blog post idea is tough. One way is to read other articles, and this way you can write a follow-up article based in his idea. But again, after some time you might get into writer’s block situation and won’t be able to come with creative posts. To maintain user engagement on your blog, you should always give them something out of the box. Here I’m sharing few ideas, which will help you to get new fresh blog post ideas. Get New Post Ideas

1. Google Alerts –

Monitor your niche or any topic using google alerts so that you can get recent updates in your field so it is easier for you to learn new things and you can get fresh topics to write which will surely stand out the crowd.

2. Read Others Blog –

Read many blogs related to your niche and strong yourself . This practice will improve yourself in your field and you can also able to deliver fresh article easily. If you like their blog don’t forget to subscribe RSS feeds of their blog so you can get instant updates in your google reader or Email.

3. Engage with Blogger’s

Chat with your friends and co-blogger’s about your niche or any topic so you can able to get tips and exchange your views with them which ultimately helps you to write unique article with much information. Use Facebook group chat for chatting with your friends so you can discuss about the topic deeper with other peoples.

4. Read Magazines and Books

If you are running a tech blog read magazines like PCfriend, chip and other tech related one so you will be updates with current technology and also it improves your reading habits. Reading PDF books from popular blogs will enrich your talent in your niche so always try to read books from high authority blogger’s or writer around internet.

5. Choose JOB or Carrier in Your Niche

This may look wired for some people but if you ask me this techniques is the best way to expertise yourself in your field, for example if you are working as a web designer in a company you will get different projects so every task is different and challenging for you. Now it is easy for you to write article which is in demand by the user as a results you can drive huge authority and popular for your blog.

6. Participating in Forums

People use forum to get answer for their questions so it is easy for you to know what people generally needs. Solving their problems is a challenging one because answers for some of the bug may not be available in google so you can write article or tutor on that topic which may help other users also. If your blog is related to TECH you can’t get good exposure from Forum like DigitalPoint and webmaster forum so choose forum wisely before participating.

7. Write your Experience

IF you don’t have anything to post, you can share your own experience in blogging it may help new bloggers who really needs it. If you check in popular blogs like problogger, copybogger etc., they don’t write current updates in the field rather they only write their own experience, this approach is very good to become an authority blogger.

8. Mind Mapping

This is the common suggestion give by many bloggers, just map a post and write it down on a paper and make an article related to it. There are some cool tools for mind mapping which will really help you a lot.

9. Use StumbleUpon

No doubt, stumbleupon is the best social site to discover new things on internet so be active in stumble upon to get different ideas for your next blog articles. Follow power stumbler in your niche and always discover new things with stumble upon toolbar. This process will make you to write quality articles and increase your authority in stumble upon.

10. Analyze Your Previous Articles –

If you’ve written an article about “How to increase backlinks of a blog” just think what are the things will be helpful for your readers related to that article, so you can write about backlink checker tools, effective link building tips, method you are using to increase in links of your blog etc., this will surely attract your readers and builds a good authority.

11. Make list post –

List articles work great on social-media and you can attract really good eye-balls with the great list posts. Make your list posts informative and a great source for resource.

12. Keyword Research

Making a good research will improve your ranking as well as you can get some good post suggestions targeting low competition keyword. I’m using google keyword tool for keyword research but you can also use word tracker, good keyword tool etc., for your blog.

13. Think Alternate

If you see a post like “how to optimize a blog for google”, try to make article about “ Optimization tips for yahoo or bing” because Google and Bing are two big search engines it is must to optimize a blog for both search engines so people normally love to read this kind of articles.

14. Zemanta –

Best word press and Firefox plugin for blogger’s which helps to get most relevant content and images around internet which matches our article. So you can able to get good ideas for your blog. This will also send a trackback to all those added links which in might turn get you more traffic . Download Zemanta

15. Stick to Your Niche

This is one of best blogging tips I can give to new blogger’s. Always stick with your niche and read many article related to your categories so that you can able to get deep knowledge in your niche as a result more fresh and interesting ideas will flourish in your mind.  Many bloggers make a mistake of getting into multi-niche and this create problem later on. Though fact is any new blogger find his niche over time, but if you are one of those who wants to stand out of crowd, think ahead and find your niche as early as possible.

I’m sure most of the readers who are reading this post are into blogging or online marketing. I would appreciate if you can add your one kick-ass top which will help any new bloggers to make his blog better and what tip you use to find ideas for your next post?

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COMMENTs ( 34 )

  1. Shashank says

    I use Google alerts and often write from my experiences. I learned many ways to better my blogging skills from the mistakes I made and after going through a few blogs, I’m now able to give first hand views and on my blogging experience.

  2. Peter @ Business Guide 21 says

    Thank you so much for your 15 tips. I’d like to add two more. One of the ways I get idea is to download free sample chapters through Amazon Kindle PC. Another way is to read book review to grab some new ideas (instead of reading the entire book).

  3. Sheila @ Avaguide says

    Great list Sudharsan! Really good points. I agree with what you said, it is difficult to create an idea but once you have that one thing in mind, it will flow smoothly. :)

  4. ile de re says

    I totally agree with 8, 12 and 15. Although i’d rearrange the order: think with the keyword search you can have a good mindmapping base. And most important is Stick to your niche! been telling that to co-bloggers that are still fooling around and compromising their rankings.

    • Sudharsan says

      Yes, it may be strange for some one but I’m sure you can generate more ideas when you concentrate on any 1-2 fields, so decide your niche first and keep on reading more articles in that niche :D

  5. Mani Viswanathan says

    You missed out Newspapers. I normally read out newspapers, the tech / social section when I’m out of Unique posts.

  6. vijay | bayofblog says

    Most of the time i am getting post ideas from my old posts, These are ultimately new ideas for me….

  7. Warren says

    This is something I’ve been pondering for a while now. I post daily and after 320 posts I’m finding it tougher than I used to to come up with ideas. it’s 9:20 pm and I haven’t posted today’s article yet (which is how I found this one lol)

    I like 3 and 8 since I do many of the others. I do find I need to (and want to) interact with other bloggers more, since we have something in common that I find is hard to relate to with anyone not in the industry.

    Great post, thanks for having me.

    • Sudharsan says

      Thanks for sharing your views warren..

      Try facebook to interact with other bloggers, it is the best tool :D

      — Sudharsan @ Technoskillonline

  8. Richard says

    I’m big on keeping a list of post ideas around. I think it helps you out in a bind, and also gets you in the habit of thinking creatively about your blog all the time.

  9. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    i have been reading a lot about this topic actually , but what i loved the most about yours , the new ideas you added , everything was essential and my best points were how it’s (indeed) interesting to read people’s posts and blogs , and write especially about personal experiences , i do enjoy reading about people’s experience cause that helps more definitely :)

    • Sudharsan says

      I too a big fan of reading personal experience because experience is the best teacher so we can learn a lot from others :D

  10. Gourav Jain says

    Thanks for the share. Its going to help the newbies like me who frequently ran out of ideas.

    Keep sharing :)

  11. Donny Gamble says

    Another great tip that you might want to consider is surveying your audience by doing a quick contest or poll on your blog.

  12. Sandeep Singh says

    Nice post sudarshan !! to be true i was really trying how to get topics for writing ! i will try these out

  13. Dinesh @ DailyBlogMoney says

    Good points,
    I used to get ideas from forums.
    There you will find so many un answered questions.
    You can create new posts on your blog based on these question. It will drive good traffic too.

    Thanks for the list sudharsan

  14. Business Proposal Writer says


    Nice article you’ve written there and the layout really helps.

    To that I’d add that having a framework in place helps you capitalize on these ideas and execute them on a more frequent basis.

    If you don’t have a system, results become are harder to monitor, and it’s difficult to know what to tweak to refine your efforts.


  15. Thiru says

    It is really a tough task for blogger to select topic to post. you post will helpful to them. Thanks for the share.

  16. Namit Gupta says

    You have compiled a long list mate. Some very useful tips. I was unaware about Zemanta, will try it.

    • Sudharsan says

      Zemanta is really a cool addon for WP…just give a try namit
      BTW thanks for your comments

      — Sudharsan @ Technoskillonline

  17. Jens P. Berget says

    I usually do three things:

    1. Visit discussion forums (mainly digital point) and see all the questions people are asking. Then, if I find them interesting, I turn them into a blog post.

    2. Write me experience. I just think about what I do every day, and what I have been doing, and what I am going to do ( or want to do ). And I turn that experience into a blog post.

    3. Read other blogs. I always get a lot of interesting ideas when I read other blogs. I get new ideas from the blog posts. Usually a blog post only tells us half the story, or even less. What I do, is that I continue writing the story, and ask myself “what if” questions all the way through the blog posts :)

    Great article!

    • Sudharsan says

      Thanks Jens for sharing your ideas
      Try out other tips also you can get more ideas than you are getting now :P

  18. Eddie Gear says

    You’ve brought out some really top points Sudharshan! Thanks for sharing your ideas. I don’t really follow most of the points. Will definitely give them a try . Am sure it”s going to get me some sparkling ideas. :)

  19. kbharath says

    Thanks for this Great points Sudharshan. i am using Google Alert for getting ideas for writing new articles. i do read other blogs for generating ideas. i have one point that may be useful The Article Directories also helps in generating great ideas for writing Good Articles.


    • Sudharsan says

      ya sure, I forgot to mention that…
      You can get different articles ideas from Article directories :D

      — Sudharsan @ Technoskillonline