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    15 Awesome Facebook Greasemonkey scripts

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    Greasemonkey scrips are one of the best way to enhance the feature of any site. I love Facebook but still there are many things which I will prefer not to see like Faebook ads, Some way to auto poke people and so on. Here is a collection of some of the best Facebook Greasemonkey Scripts which will help you to enhance the Facebook features.

    When we talk about the Social Networking sites, the first name that comes in our mind is Facebook. Facebook is No.1 Social Networking site and with time its growing exponentially. Though Facebook gives many options but by using Greasemonkey scripts we can enhance the feature of Facebook and make some much-needed change like less ads or no ads, Auto Facebook wall refresher and so on.

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    Here I have compiled list of 15 best greasemonkey scripts which will help you to enhance your Facebook experience.

    So here are few Greaesmonkey scripts that allows you to customize your Facebook account in a better way.

    Useful Facebook Greasemonkey Addons:

    Do notice, some of the Greasemonkey doesn’t work with new Facebook and Facebook timeline. So, you might like to change your browser agent switcher to Internet explorer 7, as Facebook timeline doesn’t work with IE7.

    1. Facebook Fixer : It allows you to see bigger Profile pictures and Photos, Link to download videos, Showing age and sign of profiles and keyboard shortcuts.
    2. Facebook Auto-colorizer : Adds colors to your Facebook account according to your photo.
    3. Facebook FriendFeed : Adds a tab for Facebook in friend feeds.
    4. Facebook Remaker : It removes most ads, reload links and removes home link. You can also manage what it removes from the Facebook.
    5. Facebook Refresh : It reloads walls, Alerts, News feed and inbox automatically.
    6. Facebook Video : It adds a link to convert or download Facebook videos. You can also embed those videos in other sites, Now HD feature also available.
    7. Facebook App faviconizer : It replaces the Facebook icons with the one provided by the script.
    8. Facebook layout adjuster : It allows you to adjust the layout and sidebars of Facebook.
    9. Facebook costume App hider : Manually choose which applications to display in your profile.
    10. Facebook large image : When you hover over an image, It lets you see them in full size.
    11. Enlarge Facebook Profile Image : It displays larger profiles pictures in search results.
    12. Facebook smiley : adds smileys to your profiles.
    13. Facebook removes feeds ads : It removes ads from the feeds
    14. Facebook highlight birthdays : Shows today’s birthdays on your home page
    15. Facebook image downloader helper : it allows you to use a download manager in Facebook images.

    How to install these Fb Greasemonkey scripts?

    1. 1st of all you need Firefox to run these scripts
    2. Then you need the Greasemonkey Addon to run these scripts, Download from Here
    3. Install the Addon, restart your Firefox then just click on the script you desire to use and you will get the install option. That’s it

    If you have more Facebook scripts to share, feel free to increase the list of scripts to enhance Facebook experience.

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    The Facebook refresh one will screw up Facebook. The popup boxes that appear when sharing a post for example, dont work anymore, it opens a full page.


    Thanks for adding that up


    Facebook App faviconizer seems kewl. Gonna try it for sure. BTW nicely compiled list.




    nice nice,,u caould have added more scripts like auto accept frend req etc

    Sahl @HumorTechBlog

    Grease monkey had a script for auto poking , Its not working now :( i desperately want it back really :D


    I guess its not working anymore with the new facebook layout

    Rajib Kumar

    Hey Bilal Marri, Nice post. Most are really great scripts for better manage facebook account. Thanks for share.


    These are just fabulous scripts. I just love scripts


    Thanks Bilal for great scripts ,Also can you please tell me any script that can select all friends at once in Facebook


    Sir,can you Provide me a Grease Monkey script or any other Good Stuff to Know “Who Unfriend from our Friend List” ?

    I had used this Last year,Unfortunately now a days i can’t find this script,Can you help me ?

    Vivek Parmar

    Thanks for the useful collection. Never knew that there are some scripts for facebook too.
    thanks a lot for sharing


    very useful collection of greasemonkey scripts thx dude :)

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