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Plugins extend WordPress to do anything you may imagine. Does your WordPress blog has the most essential plugins? Let me point out few plugins that improve your web site user experience and make WordPress admin tasks easier. I have created a list of 12 WordPress plugins which are very useful for every blogger who are blogging on WordPress platform.

Useful WordPress Plugins

Useful WordPress plugins for every WordPress blog

1. SEO by Yoast:

This plugin is like must have for every WordPress blog out there. I have never seen any other free SEO plugins to be so powerful and effective. With this one plugin, you can cover all the aspects of your On site and on page SEO. You can watch above video to learn how to set up the plugin.

2. WP Super Cache:

WP Super cache plugin

What if your site loads faster than ever by offering your site visitors a great user experience?  Isn’t it great? This plugin generates static html files from the bulky dynamic php files. Most of the users will be served with the static pages that download faster than php files. You can fine tune the performance of your blog with the help of many options that are available in the plugin settings page. <Link>

3. Floating Sharing buttons plugin by ShoutMeLoud:

Floating social share

This plugin will help you to add beautiful sharing buttons on your WordPress blog. This adds responsive social sharing buttons and also offers sharing button for mobile site. Simple and easy to use plugin.

Download plugin

4. Google XML Sitemap:

Google XML Sitemaps

My website receives more number of visitors with the help of this plugin. Visitor traffic to your site increases because your website ranking improves in major search engine results page (SERP). This plugin generates the xml sitemap that helps the search engines like google, yahoo, bing, and ask.com to index your blog. It also notifies major search engines every time you make a post in your blog. You can also include non wordpress generated pages in the sitemap. Also you can update your post change frequencies, priorities, and many other options. <Link>

5. Roost Web push plugin:

roost web push notification

This is a plugin which is unique and almost all the pro blogs are using it. This plugin adds a new way for your readers to subscribe to your blog. This plugin adds the web push technology on your blog, and a reader using Safari browser on Mac OS, will get notification to subscribe to your  blog updates. After that, when ever you will be publishing a new blog post, your subscriber will get push notification on his blog. You can read this guide by Harsh to learn configuring this plugin.

Download plugin

6. Contact Form 7:

This plugin helps you to easily customize, set up, and manage multiple forms in your blog. It also supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering, and many other plugins. <Link>

8. SEO Smart Links:

SEO smart links plugin

Again you can offer better user experience to your site visitors by automatically interlinking your blog posts. It also improves search engine rankings of your web pages. You can manage many options like setting up your own keywords and set of matching URLs, and nofollow. <Link>

9. GoCodes:

GoCodes helps shortening and masking an awkward looking URL. It also helps redirecting to your favorite affiliate programs. There is a great advantage for affiliate marketers when used with SEO Smart Links. <Link>

10. Really Simple CAPTCHA:

This plugin works with the Contact Form 7 and reduces spam. It is also compatible with many other plugins. <Link>

11. FD Feedburner Plugin:

It simply redirects your blog’s main feed and comments to feedburner.com. You have to just provide your feedburner feed URL to make it work. <Link>

12. No Self Pings:

This plugin avoids sending pings to your own site when you publish posts with links to your own posts. Activate the plugin after installation. No configuration required! <Link>

Above mentioned plugins may are very popular and useful plugin for any WordPress blog. They will add another layer of functionality and add features to your WordPress blog. You should also check out list of WordPress plugins that powers ShoutMeLoud.

Do you know of more plugins which should be a part of useful plugin for WordPress blog, let us know via comment. Don’t forget to share this with others on Facebook and Google plus.

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    1. Ninja Affiliate says

      All plugins are really very useful. WordPress has made very easy to apply different features with the help of plugins.

    2. Dean Saliba says

      I had to remove the super cache plugin as it was messing up when I published a post or left a comment. I would get a blank page when publishing something.

      • Pradeep Kumar A says

        Dean Saliba, why don’t you contact super cache plugin support? And which plugin are you using as a substitute?

    3. [email protected] says

      what about simply tags plugin????

    4. Vijayraj Reddy says

      you forgot ALL IN ONE SEO plugin, it may not required to thesis theme blogs, but for other blogs its an essential plugin…

    5. Pumama says

      Gigg Gigg for social networking is better
      Insights for make innerlink
      Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin for anti spam
      etc…. :D
      I think you should make part 2

    6. shashank says

      instead of no pings i use CBnet ping controller so that i am not flagged as spammer by google !
      great list buddy!

      • Pradeep Kumar A says

        Thanks Shashank. When I searched for WordPress plugins I got cbnet Ping Optimizer. I will installed it for the purpose you stated. But need to find whether it disables intra-blog pinging.

    7. Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com says

      The only thing that the WordPress lacks is the search feature. It’s still dumb (try a search on your blog and you’ll see horrible unrelated results). I took out the search widget and force my visitors to use the Wibiya toolbar to search. Works much better

      I know there are tons of tutorials to convert and use Google search instead, but it was still a hassle

      • Pradeep Kumar A says

        Michael Aulia, thanks for your comments. I hope WordPress improvise its standard search features soon.

        Search box preferences are sole decisions of blog owners and they offer the features/plugins that best suit their site visitors.

      • Kamal Hasa says

        Google adsense for search is pretty awesome and as good as Google itself. I agree that WordPress default search engine is not that impressive..

      • Aditya says

        We are just working on this problem at Dhiti. We have an after-article widget that provides faceted navigation across your blog with a search box as well. I belive it solves all your problem perfectly.

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