12 Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki

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Guy Kawasaki and Steve jobs are one of those name which doesn’t need any introduction. Here is an inspirational and motivational video, where Guy Kuwasaki shared 12 tips which he learned from Steve jobs, and you can apply them into your entrepreneurship or solopreneurshop journey.

Take away :

  • Don’t take advice from Experts and follow your instincts (Experts are clueless)
  • Design matters the most.
  • Help customers, they don’t know what they need.
  • Use Big fonts for presentations
  • “Work” or “doesn’t work” is all that matters
  • Offer unique and valuable product, price doesn’t matter.
  •  players hire A/A+ players, B players hire C players, C players hire D players”, so hire the best people, or face “the bozo explosion”. IT guys typically undervalue the need for great peers (Finance/Ops/Marketing).
  • Real CEOs can demo their product.
  • Start shipping instead of waiting for perfection, you can always iterate and make your product better.

I’m keeping this article short and meaningful, because I’m sure if you are an Entrepreneur, by the end of this video, there will be atleast few things which you can take away and implement in your day to day life.

Do let me know, which is your favorite tip from this video?

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  1. Alan Tay says

    Steve Jobs is probably one of the best guy out there that can demonstrate the Apple product better than his engineers and not many CEO can do this. I can also see that Jobs is one of the person who is result oriented ;)

  2. Anish Sangamam says

    This video is very inspirational. I loved the way Guy spoke about Steve and the first point that he mentioned is something every an entrepreneur should actually follow.

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