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10 ways to search torrents for file downloading

10 ways to search torrents for file downloading

Torrents are one of my favorite topic which I love to write about. The best part with torrent is that it makes your work too easy to download any file from Internet.

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If you are still stick to traditional ways of downloading files from Internet, i.e rapidshare , megashare. You should consider shifting to much wider variation of file sharing method and that is Torrents.

You can request for Hindi torrent websites invitation for websites like bwtorrents, desitorrents and more. The best thing about these websites are, they are private torrent websites and registration is based on invitation system. This ensure the quality and speed of torrent file you are downloading.

There are more then 100 torrents search engines, I’m pointing down my favorite Torrent search engine which I use on daily basis. I will not be giving much detail about these Torrent search engine because all of them perform the same task : Search for torrent.

10 torrent search engine

1 Torrentz Search engine

2 Scrapetorrent

4 Gpirate

5 Torrent-finder

6 Torrentmoon

7 V0rtex

8 Completorrent

9 Youtorrent

10 Vertor

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  • Haresh

    What would be the difference between searching for torrents in the above sites and searching for torrents in Google directly with something like ‘Torrent XYZ’?

  • honeypie

    it is always better to use torrent search engine cause it searches all torrent site at once , but from all others i like the most cause its simply, has verified sources and this soooo cooool gadget “let me type that for you” for searching subtitles and not to mention torrent toolbar so you can search for torrents directly from your browser!!!

  • Chetan

    bro can ugive us a hack of google map(chennai city) for n72,and tat too its should be used without use of gprs…my frnd is having it for bangalore city but he is not giving the idea for chennai so plz bro help it out….

  • Namita

    Thank you for the quick response. I am a reader of digital Inspiration for the last 2yrs. I have found your blog very interesting and can learn quite a few things from it. I also read your comment about making money from affiliate marketing,I am very curious about it and I wonder if you have written in your blog about it

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks and Glad that you liked the blog. I’m still doing my research on Affiliate marketing. I’m on CJ and click bank. You can easily start with Click bank.
      To be honest I write more on technology and making money online (- Affiliate marketing). Once I will be through with my research on Affiliate marketing and after success I will start writing about it.
      Saw your blog its nice. You should try In-text link.. they have good pay out as well.
      Since yours is a text blog, there are more chances of getting better result.
      You can see my review on infolinks here

      Do let me know if I can be of any help to you.

  • Namita

    I have never used torrent with the fear that I may become more susceptible to viruses. Is that true?


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