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How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

overview battery20090608 Laptop gave is the power of portability but still we are very much dependent on laptop battery life when travelling. I’m a Dell Inspiron user and they offer 6 cell battery, which is good enough for 3 hour of working, but since I use my laptop almost 18 hr. a day and I hardly turn it off once in a week, my battery dies soon. Most of the time, my laptop battery drained out within 45 minutes and I have to recharge it. I bought another 9 cell battery and it helped initially but like older one, it also started draining out really fast.

I researched about the same and realize it’s my mistake as I’m not taking good care of my laptop battery life and I have to take care of few things which will help me to increase laptop battery life. A little additional care can help you increase your laptop battery capacity and also its life span. Today I list here ten healthy practices that may help you achieve optimum performance from your battery.

Simple tips to Improve Laptop battery life for better performance:

I’m sure what all tips I’m going to mention here, you might be aware of many of these but you hardly use them. The interesting thing here is, you can also use these tips for your mobile or any other gadget which runs on rechargeable batteries.

1. Disable Wi-fi + bluetooth

If you are travelling or working in a condition when you make most out of your laptop battery life, make sure to disable Wi-fi and Bluetooth.  We all know how wireless activities drain our device’s battery. They consume significant power even when not in use but left ON. So when on battery power, it’s advisable to turn off wi-fi and bluetooth services. Mobile phone user should disable location services too.

Specially, on my iPhone when ever I travel and I don’t need to use data connection, I disabled all these services and I can notice a significant improvement in battery life.

2. Dimming the screen

We should reduce the screen brightness to the lowest comfortable level in order to gain some extra battery life. You can make changes in your power settings to dim the brightness when your laptop is not running on power.

3. Peripherals

USB devices and other external peripherals should be shut and removed if not in use. For instance, charging an iPod while on battery, unless very essential, is a bad idea. The same goes for removing any CD or DVD when not in use.

Try not to use any extra USB device when running on battery, as USB device use your laptop power to work. If you are using mouse, for improved laptop battery life, use trackpad.

4. Extra RAM

Whenever our system runs out of RAM memory it uses virtual memory resulting in hard disk use, which is relatively a less efficient option in terms of power consumption. However, it goes without saying that additional ram does consume energy too so this advice suits best those users who often find themselves in need of extensive virtual memory.

5. Background Apps

It’s a good idea to shut down background programs to reduce CPU usage, say for instance desktop search applications. You can go to task manager and check what all applications are running and those who are not so important, you can kill them.

I also suggest you to configure your startup item by typing “msconfig” in run or by using CCcleaner software. Disable, all those process which are not very important like Google talk, Googleupdate.exe, iTunes and many more.

6. Energy-saver options

Optimize your power options to get maximum battery juice. The notebook should try to shut down the hard disk and put the display to sleep whenever idle.

7. Battery Cycle

One of the best tip to increase laptop battery is by properly charging and discharging it at regular interval. For a healthy lithium based battery, its advisable to keep the electrons in motion occasionally. It’s not absolutely healthy to keep it plugged in all the time. Ideally, one should let it discharge fully at least once a month to keep the battery juice flowing.

Also, if you are one of those like me who can connect to A.C power source all the time, it’s better to remove the battery and use direct A.C power source.

8. No multitasking

When on battery power, say in a flight, use one application at a time. Ideally shut the email app once you’re done with it and then turn on the word processor.

9. Defrag frequently

A defragmented disk puts lesser strain on the battery and hard disk, so make your disk drive as efficient as you can by performing defragmentation regularly, say once every month.

There are software’s which you can use to quickly and more effectively defragment your disk or Windows has an inbuilt tool to perform defragmentation.

10. Hibernate

Hibernating is a healthier option compared to standby when running on battery. Hibernating retains your system state as you last left it. So it’s more energy efficient than even shutting down the computer and booting it all over again. More over, I find this feature handy when you are travelling and don’t want to lose your open tabs and work.

Bonus tip:

Also disable other power consuming resources like Keyboard back-light, audio service (Speakers), and make sure you keeping your laptop in a moderate temperature environment. You should avoid over heating of your laptop as it degrades the performance of laptop battery.

These are few tips which I can recollect as if now, which helped me to improve laptop battery life, and I will keep extending the list if I came across any new tip. I’m also considering buying those portable external laptop chargers, which helps in charging your battery while travelling. Also, many dell laptop comes with an option in battery option, to disable charging and you can use it too to Increase Laptop battery life

Do you have any other tips, which will help us to improve battery life of laptop or netbooks? If you find this article useful, don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Google plus.

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  • Priyank Vijay

    Thanks for this very useful info for all laptop users. Had just brought a new HP laptop with 6 cell battery and am draining out almost 70% of battery before putting the ac power.

  • lynne

    Is it possible to find such a thing as a secondary battery for my Fujitsu Amilo Li 1720 model: MS2199?

  • Manoj Varghese Mathew

    Vista Battery Saver is a very useful app that I™ve been using for the last couple of days to improve the battery life of my laptop running Windows Vista. I wouldn™t say that it has improved my battery life by the claimed 70%, but it has delivered significantly better battery performance. It also automatically switches back to a different power plan as soon as you plug your laptop back in, so that you can access all those fancy Vista features again.

    • Rajat Kumar

      its nice indeed to have simple and very necessary utilities like this integrated in the os itself. os’ are evolving too. great. & btw do register at Manoj.

  • Vaibhav

    While on the topic, i found a link to this really informative post by Jeff Atwood:

  • Vaibhav

    Basically, most of the article is fine. All I can add is that you should consider getting a Solid State Drive – if you can afford it.

    This article reminded me of one that I wrote quite a while ago, but this one is written better:

    • Rajat Kumar

      hey vaibhav, so true, indeed most of us have similar opinions over this. as for ssd, more than the price, the fact is industry standards are not quite upto the mark yet, at least at the consumer level. but yeah my intel ssd boots up faster than anything else. so its only getting better day by day.

      • Vaibhav

        well yes i struggled with the fact that SSD’s don’t deliver on what the theory promises. But for my last one I decided to go for SSD for two reasons:
        1. My processor was on the slower side, so i wanted to make up for the performance drop.
        2. I was going to run Win 7, and that has better support for SSD as compared to Vista and XP.

        • Rajat Kumar

          the best is no moving parts. so its like d difference between ipod touch and ipod classic. lol. throw it anyway u wanna.

  • Rajat Kumar

    hey ppl. It’s really nice to observe how so many of you can connect to this article. Indeed notebook battery is a significant issue for all of us. As for me i’m presently more than happy with seven hours backup from my new macbook pro. :)

    that tip is for those who keep their laptops plugged in to the power supply all the time. so its like a full tank of water. stagnant water is unhealthy n prone to clogging. so once in a while a full cycle of drain and recharge is necessary for our battery be it any device.

  • Rahul

    I do hibernate my laptop. Also, I have acer epower management. Which controls the brightness, cpu speed, Lan, wireless etc.
    I never kept my battery discharged. I will try some time.

  • Ashfame

    Yes draining the battery completely once in a month ensures its usage cycle to be even. Its like keep going gym so that you are always ready to do some heavy work ;)

  • IndianCashMaker

    your post is very important in this scenario because the use of laptops is increasing and battery is a thing that needs to be the fittest in your machine

  • Provamsi

    Did you say we should discharge the battery once a month!! Can you tell me why? Please try to be descriptive please.

  • George Serradinho

    This tips are all very valid. My laptop is a must in my daily activities and I try to keep it running smooth which entails the battery life.

    There are times when I just use my battery life and I also try to use one app at a time.


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