10 Online Free Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Tools

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As a Blogger, most of the time I get paid in Dollars and via PayPal. So, it’s important for me to keep a track of current exchange rates. There are many sites like XE, Yahoo Currency converter, in short Currency exchange rate conversion sites which helps us to find day to day foreign currency exchange rates.

In the world of Internet, money can come from any part of the world and thus currency conversion tools are very handy when you are getting paid in foreign currency.  Here I’m sharing 10 useful online Currency conversion tools, which will help you to view conversion rate chart of foreign currency into yours and vice versa.

Useful List of Current Exchange Rate conversion sites:

1. XE


XE is the one of the world’s most popular Internet foreign exchange tools and services provider. It features outstanding cross-rates charts that updates on its own. XE Trade processes billions of dollars for many of its clients. This site loads quickly and also updates almost every minute, and is also the most used website for the purpose mentioned. <Link>

2. Oanda


OANDA Currency Converter Exchange Rates provides Internet-based forex trading and currency information using innovative financial and computer technology. This site is easily understandable on the eyes, and the current as well as historical rates can be navigated through by using simple buttons. It is also a quick convertor. It provides conversions among 160 currencies. <Link>

3. Gocurrency

Go currency

GOCURRENCY allows for fast comparisons and provides easy conversion. It also provides easy-to-use conversion tools that can be added to a website for free and has also powered the currency calculator or converter for large websites. <Link>

4. CoinMill


CoinMill converter keeps the exchange rates of currencies up to date using various sources. It is simple and a fast currency converter. One of its main features is: – it provides a list of currencies, amongst which any of the respective currency can be selected, which can then be converted to all other currencies (available on this site) simultaneously, on the click of one button. <Link>

5. Crrncy

crnncy This site converts the currency quickly and is utter simple. It is not very useful though as it provides a few currency comparisons (limited to only five currencies). However if you are concerned with fast speed and simplicity, this site tops. <Link>

7. theFinancials.com

The financials

This site maintains the current and historical exchange rates of over 108 currencies and rates are updated automatically daily. The converter from this site is present on hundreds of websites. It offers tiny and full currency converters which can be customized according to the need of a site. <Link>

8. Currency Converter

Currency Converter

It can be easily added to anyone’s website simply by adding small JavaScript snippet to the HTML code of the site. It maintains historical data of last 7 days and also the historical charts of the currencies. The currency exchange rate is updated every 5 minutes. <Link>

9. fxtop.com

fx top

It provides a basic converter and an advanced converter, and also 1 column converter according to the user’s need. It also maintains historic rates, equivalence sheet and historic comparisons of currency exchange rates. This site is fast and is updated daily, but provides only a few free services. <Link>

10. International Currency Converter

International Currency Converter

It provides exchange rates for 270 countries or territories that are updated daily. This site is constantly running the popular currency exchange rates on its top and maintains Cross-Currency table that is updated every 30 minutes. <Link>

Do let us know which is your reliable Currency Exchange Rate Conversion tool?

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    1. says

      I’m not sure Xe is best here as there are some restrictions from them in using their full API. Tried it. Thanks for sharing the other links. May be they are of some use for me. We struggled a lot in finding a free API to use on our website earlier.

    2. rakesh kumar says

      Even Paypal Have that currency conversion tool and before withdrawal you can check current conversion rate.

    3. Shubham Pandey says

      Thanks for providing this useful list…
      I always use coinmill.com to check the currency rate…

    4. plaban says

      I don’t use any online tools for currency conversion. I use the Currency widget of Windows 7 with calculator to make calculation.

    5. Saksham says

      No problem in linking because the links turn no follow! :D Well the site you suggested is very new it seems?

      • valutakurser says

        Sorry that I did not replied before now.!
        But have been little busy, but the exchange rate page ie new. I’ve started it up here in January so it is brand new.
        I have previously made a Danish version, which during almost 7 months have gone from 0 to over 3000 users a day. So I’ll see if I can repeat it with an English version too, but only time will tell. ;o)

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